Patrick CRISTALLINI - Artiste peintre Lyonnais - Dans son atelier
Patrick Cristallini

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Artistic approach

Let yourself be fascinated by the universe, nature, its infinite complexity, colors and textures.

Involving the dream world, visiting imaginary worlds and landscapes.

Contemplate, translate onto canvas, with my sensitivity, to share its emotional richness.

To reach a salutary and inspiring silence.

To get closer to the truth, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, closer to the veiled meaning of life.

Using sober natural materials, fillers, binders, coatings, pigments and inks.

Combine them with polymers.

Play with composition, color and contrast.

Collaborate with liquid elements, air and gravity to induce movement, but also summon fire to torment and freeze matter.

Letting natural forces and almost alchemical mutations act, intervening with subtlety, leaving as little trace as possible of human intervention.

Layer by layer, from liquefaction to petrification, discovering in the early hours of the morning what universal forces have done with nocturnal human intervention, discreet yet determined.

To continue, to perfect?

Or know how to stop!

Always with the intention of opening up bewitching spaces of contemplation and meditation, and perhaps inviting our consciences to consider our world as a precious possession…

Patrick Cristallini

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