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Patrick Cristallini - Artiste peintre Lyonnais - France

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I’ve always contemplated the universe, nature, colors, textures and infinite complexity.

15 years ago, I chose to materialize, to bring to canvas, the images and nuances that inspire me on a daily basis.

It’s not a question of reproducing what exists; I’m simply driven by the desire to translate into concrete images the wealth of compositions and emotions that my imagination offers me through contact with nature.

One of the guiding principles of my artistic approach to date has been to avoid any figurative aspect in my resolutely abstract work.

That’s why I’ve chosen to suggest the elements that the universe and nature offer us.

For, unlike living beings and objects, there is no consciousness other than that which animates the world and reflects the laws of the universe.

I hope you enjoy discovering my abstract works as much as I enjoyed imagining and revealing them.

Patrick Cristallini

Peintures abstraites originales par Patrick Cristallini

Original abstract paintings by Patrick Cristallini

Artiste peintre et photographe

Painter and photographer
from Lyon

Galerie web d’art contemporain et d’art abstrait

Web gallery of contemporary art and abstract art

Lyon / France